Crab god

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Changing the world, one Crabling at a time with crab god

Game description

Crab God is an atmospheric underwater strategy game. Guide your Crabling colony through wild ocean depths, and defend the egg of the next Crab God.Restore and protect diverse coral reefs, making a difference in the real world as you progress in-game. Make waves, praise the claw!


Become the Guardian of the Abyss and lead the Great Migration to bring forth the next Crab God 🦀 Use your growing knowledge and great power to command your loveable crab babies (Crablings) to restore your ocean domain and protect your successor’s egg as you venture into the watery depths.

  • Grow Your Crabling Colony by raising them, nurturing their personalities and potential
  • Lead the Great Migration by helping a new Crab God to rise and protect the oceans
  • Cultivate a Vibrant Underwater Ecosystem by reintroducing a healthy and vibrant diversity back to the ocean
  • Make a Real World Change where your in-game progression will help contribute to actual ocean conservation efforts



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Chaos Theory Games is an award-winning, for-purpose game development studio. They take pride in the impact of their work, creating original PC games and collaborating with organizations such as Google and the United Nations World Food Programme.


  • Developer
    Chaos Theory
  • Publisher


  • Developer: Chaos Theory
  • Publisher: Firesquid
  • Genre: Real Time Strategy, Resource Management
  • ESRB: Summer 2024
  • Players: Solo
  • PC Release: Coming soon
  • Platforms:
    • Windows