Make waves, praise the claw in new underwater strategy game Crab God

27.02.24. Indie strategy publisher Firesquid and developer Chaos Theory Games have announced their new underwater strategic sidescroller Crab God, releasing on PC later this year. With an army of adorable Crablings under your claw, you must lead The Great Migration to birth a new Crab God deep in the ocean depths. Protect your Crabling colony, build mighty coral reefs, and in turn help aquatic life in the real world through

A wholesome take on the genre, Crab God boasts a vibrant art style, atmospheric score and varying difficulty levels to suit any player. Taking on a god-like role, players must direct their Crabling disciples to plant new life along the sea bed, nurturing a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna and clearing away destructive debris. Diving deeper, players will encounter deadlier threats and murkier waters in the fight to revive the reef and migrate to safety.

As players watch their virtual environment thrive and diversify, they can enjoy the knowledge that their gameplay is having a real impact on wildlife and habitats around the world. By integrating into the game, Crab God converts in-game actions into impactful conservation work. Completing levels and challenges will not only help the little Crablings survive, it will also directly lead to the planting of new trees, cleaning up our oceans, protecting marine habitats and more. 

This blend between real and virtual oceans is also brought to life through Crab God’s focus on real world creatures, allowing players to learn more about biodiversity as they play. The plants your Crablings grow will determine which creatures visit your reef. Creating habitats for corals and anemones, for example, will attract clownfish, surgeon fish and butterfly fish – just like in real life. Be careful, however, as not all fish are as cute and friendly as the Crablings.

Created by Australian developers Chaos Theory Games, Crab God reflects the studio’s own mission to design games that can directly improve the environment. Accompanying the passionate team of developers, indie publisher Firesquid are thrilled to be working on this delightful and impactful new title:

“Crab-god is exactly the type of game that we love to support at Firesquid” said Anders Larsson CEO, “The game gives players a unique experience, not only does it give you the pleasure of succeeding as in any strategic game, it is also enhanced by doing good!”

Due to launch later this year, Crab God will be available on PC via Steam. For more information, review keys and images, please contact Ria at

About Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory Games is an award-winning, for-purpose game development studio. They take pride in the impact of their work, creating original PC games and collaborating with organizations such as Google and the United Nations World Food Programme.

About Firesquid

Firesquid is a developer-focused publisher helping teams realize their vision. We form deep and trust-based relationships with our partners. Firesquid aims to create a catalogue of strategy titles that modernize and revisit the genre, while delighting our players the world over.