USC: Counterforce Joins Strategy Fest On Sale with New Game Mode

Angry Cat Studios & Firesquid bring many new updates and changes

Developer Angry Cat Studios and Publisher Firesquid are pleased to announce that the squad tactics title USC: Counterforce, which launched into early access back in July, is participating in Steam’s Strategy Fest from August 28th to September 4th with a major update that includes a new game mode and a first discount  (-25%). This new update promises to elevate the gaming experience even further with the introduction of the Defend the Base mode as well as some other new and exciting content.

USC: Counterforce places players into the shoes of space commandos tasked with investigating and neutralizing an alien threat on the planetary body M-8322. Prepare your team, carefully choose your skills and master your weapons in order to protect humanity. USC: Counterforce features a class-free skill system and passive abilities that players must perfect to find the perfect combinations. Grab a friend to join the fray with by using the game’s local co-op mode (hot seat or remote play together).

The most recent update to the game includes a brand new game mode: Defend the Base! Discover a new way to play USC: Counterforce by establishing your own base to defend against hordes of aliens, while you extract precious resources. Defend the Base! is an experience that will renew the way that players will strategize their next moves. Build walls and turrets to repel the enemy threat and become the architect of the battleground. 

This whole new game mode is accompanied by additional content, including:

  • A New Feature – Weapon Prototypes: Prototypes are weapons with enhanced base properties that cost both Squad Points and crafting materials. They can be further improved with weapon upgrades and are awarded in Single Mission mode. 
  • New Items – Scanners that can reveal fog of war, enemy position and threat level
  • Gameplay Changes, Balance Changes and Fixes

For the full list of patch notes, head here.

  • Assemble the Ultimate Squad: Prepare your team for every situation! Featuring a class-free system, USC:CF allows you to fully customize your forces and face enemy threats however you see fit!
  • Varied Weapons and Tools: Utilize melee and ranged weapons with various types of ammunition to take down enemies. Gather hacking tools, mines, turrets, and more to achieve your mission.
  • Fully Interactable Environments: Explore and fight in interactable and fully destructible environments. Rearrange the battlefield, build barricades, avoid and exploit environmental hazards, lay traps, and more.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Play alone with fully customizable Single Mission mode and lead your marines on challenging, multi-mission operations with unique goals. Don’t want to go alone? Venture into co-op multiplayer modes and play in classic hot-seat, or use Steam’s “Remote Play Together” feature to bring a fellow soldier along online.

USC: Counterforce is available right now on Steam regularly for $19.99, but is currently on sale for 25% off in celebration of Steam Strategy Fest. The game is currently available in both English and Chinese. Players wishing to sync up with fellow commandos can join the community on the official Discord.

About Firesquid

Firesquid is an indie publisher focused on games that include strategizing and thinking in their broadest sense, from tactics to city-builders or any other game where the brain is the most important muscle. Firesquid aims to develop a catalog of strategy titles that modernize and revisit their genres. Firesquid works closely with developers to help them make the best game they can, and focuses on developing communities around their strategy games.


Angry Cat Studios was founded in 2015 with the release of Ultimate Space Commando (USC) on Steam. In the next years, the studio experimented with a few prototypes in a search for its next project, which resulted in a hardcore puzzle-platformer PC game, Mimic Hunter. Now, they’re back into the world of PC games to bring players USC: Counterforce!


Mike TownDrow

Account Manager, Vicarious PR

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