Define Your Legacy of Power in Great Houses of Calderia

Game description

Great Houses of Calderia is a modern generational Feudal Grand Strategy Game sets in the land of Calderia inspired by the Mediterranean Renaissance. Build your family’s legacy of power and rise in the ranks of the Great Houses of Calderia!


You play as a Noble Family that aims to rule Calderia, a mythical province of the Empire scarred by the insatiable thirst for power. The world of Calderia is inspired by the Mediterranean Renaissance.

The game focuses on family dynamics and stories. Use your family strengths to compete against rivals to rise in the ranks of Calderia—produce, trade, scheme, bribe, and battle to build your legacy of power!

Make your House shine, extend your influence, and triumph over your enemies to become the most powerful House in Calderia and seize the throne of the power-hungry Viceroy!

  • War and conflict system: Wage war through the real-time tactical battle system.
  • Social conflict resolution: Manage social conflicts through the unique resource management system.
  • Trading delegations and negotiations: Organize trade agreements and send delegations to your competing houses.
  • House traditions: Define the traditions of your family over generations and gain unique advantages and weaknesses.
  • Fully playable noble House: Appoint your family members to key tasks in your delegations to trade, spy, negotiate and lead your armies. Organize marriages and secure your succession!
  • Character-centric: Key characters have their own personality shaped by the events they will face, impacting their willingness and ability to serve you right.
  • Evolving story: Hundreds of unique events with important decisions to make. Tackle a wide range of situations, from diplomacy to war to the personal journey of family members.
  • Resource and fiefdom management: Assign key characters to oversee production of a fiefdom to specialize your economy to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Event modding tool: Create your own unique stories with a standalone modding tool, allowing the community to construct a highly replayable experience.



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About Resistance Games

Resistance Games is a PC strategy game studio located in Oulu, Northern Finland. With a team of passionate industry veteran game developers, Resistance Games creates strategy game experiences to stand the test of time. Their first game, Company of Crime, a criminal empire builder featuring tactical turn-based missions, was released in August 2020.


  • Developer
    Resistance Games
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  • Developer: Resistance Games
  • Publisher: Firesquid
  • Genre: Indie, Strategy, RPG, Grand Strategy
  • Age rating: 12+
  • Players: Solo
  • Full Release: OUT NOW!
  • Platforms:
    • Windows (Steam)